Summer Camp Information

General Information

Sending your child to camp is a big decision. You are entrusting us with your most special gift, and we take that very seriously. We are here to help answer any questions or concerns. Our skilled staff is committed to the safety and faith formation of your child. We want to partner with you and provide the same degree of care that you show at home while they are in our care.

The CYO Summer Camp schedule is designed entirely around four guideposts of “Explore, Encounter, Engage, and Encourage” and the idea that most life-changing moments happen within the context of relationships. Over the years, we have come to witness that an amazing camp experience has as much to do whom you do it with as it does with what you do.

Campers are ‘organized’ in a small group setting that allows our staff to truly get to know each camper and be able to disciple them in the most personal way possible

We want every camper to leave camp at the end of the week with stories of all the cool and amazing activities they did! Our prayer is that each camper leaves having encountered and overcome challenges, explored and overcome fears, and engaged and encouraged others who will become good friends. We also want your children telling stories of what they learned about the character of God through and with their counselors, what they learned about trusting Jesus on the climbing wall and high ropes, and that following the Lord can be as challenging as navigating the sailboat across the marina.

July 5-87-9 boysMini-Camp$350
July 5-117-16 boysTrek 1$450
July 12-187-16 co-edTrek 2$450
July 12-227-16 co-edAdventure$650
July 12-157-9 co-edMini-Camp$350
July 19-257-16 co-edTrek 3$450
July 19-2511-15 co-edSailing$550
July 19-258-15 co-edEquestrain$550
July 26 – August 17-16 girlsTrek 4$450
August 2- 57-9 girlsMini-Camp$350
August 2-87-16 girlsTrek 5$450

Capacity @ Camp

Come enjoy 30 Acres located along the Lake Huron shoreline. Our St. Anne Campus offers two kinds of accommodations:

  • Eight cabins directly across from the beach with electricity, water, & indoor bathrooms sleeping 9 campers and missionary disciple.
  • Five larger cabins in the woods with electricity and the use of common bath house facilities. These cabins hold 18 campers and two missionary disciples.

All campers have access to the recreation hall, chapel, activities areas, adventure sites, beach, and retreat units.

The table reflects a summary of space available for each camping trek. To ascertain how close each week may be to capacity please give us a call. This should only be used as a guide to find the weeks where we’d most likely have space for your child rather than a promise that space is available.

Boys Traditional Camp (Ages 7-16)Camp07/05/2020 - 07/11/2020150
Co-Ed Mini Camp (Ages 7-9)Camp07/12/2020 - 07/15/202016
Co-Ed Traditional Camp (Ages 7-16)Camp07/12/2020 - 07/18/2020150
Co-Ed Adventure Camp (Ages 14-16)Camp07/12/2020 - 07/22/202024
Co-Ed Traditional Camp (Ages 7-16)Camp07/19/2020 - 07/25/2020150
Co-Ed Horse Camp (Ages 8-15)Camp07/19/2020 - 07/25/202016
Co-Ed Sailing Camp (Ages 11-15)Camp07/19/2020 - 07/25/202012
Girls Mini Camp (Ages 7-9)Camp08/02/2020 - 08/05/202016
Girls Traditional Camp (Ages 7-16)Camp07/26/2020 - 08/01/2020150
Girls Traditional Camp (Ages 7-16)Camp08/02/2020 - 08/08/2020150

Financial Aid

The leadership, staff, and benefactors of the Catholic Youth Organization of Detroit want to see families, schools, and parishes experience true and lasting revival through encounter with Jesus. Furthermore, we recognize the CYO Camp program as being a valuable part of a young persons faith journey. Therefore, we do all we can so that no child will ever be left out because of an inability to pay the full tuition cost of camp. We are committed to working with you to figure out a way to get your child to CYO Summer Camp, even if you’re in a tight financial position and even if it takes some creativity on both of our parts to make it happen.

If the cost of sending your child to camp is prohibitive to your child experiencing a week of camp, we have created an assistance program specifically designed with you in mind. Through our Financial Assistance Program, parents can still send their children to Camp without breaking their wallets! No child should be turned away from Camp because their family cannot afford it. If you find the need for financial assistance, then this program is for you.


  • First, you do not necessarily need to apply for financial aid before applying for summer camp for your child. Deposits/Tuition are charged only upon enrollment (not upon submission of the application), so if you’re applying for financial aid, simply make note of that in the application and we’ll handle your application accordingly.
  • All assistance is awarded on an “as-needed” and “as-available” basis and determined on a sliding scale. To apply for assistance, submit a completed Financial Assistance Packet. We’ll contact you with a decision or any further questions once we review the information.
  • We do ask everybody to make some investment towards the tuition, even if it’s small. Even in the tightest of situations, with a “full scholarship” towards overnight camp, we will generally ask parents to cover the $100 deposit.


How to Apply for Financial Assistance

  1. The information you provide on the assistance application form is strictly confidential. In order for a child to receive a campership, you must complete the Financial Assistance Application, Camp Registration and Summer Food Service Program forms in the Financial Assistance Packet.

    Campership Application: Camp Registration Form: Summer Food Service Program Application

  2. Return all three forms and a copy of income information with a $25 non-refundable registration fee to:

    Catholic Youth Organization Summer Camp Program
    12 State Street, 2nd Floor
    Detroit, Michigan 48226

  3. Please complete a separate form for each child requesting assistance.
  4. Read through the assistance application form very carefully. This application will be returned to you if not completed in full and accompanied by all necessary paperwork and deposits.

Prepare for Camp

If you’ve already registered your child for overnight camp or just want to dig into the details of how to prepare for your child’s week of overnight camp with us? The information below answers the most common questions regarding preparation for the week.

CYO Camps Packing List

Every camper is different and will have some different things they want to bring to camp. But the following list of suggestions for a week’s stay should give you a good start on packing. The following list is based on a Traditional Camp Trip of 7 days. Adjust accordingly to the Trip your child will be attending and your program.

And don’t forget: The camper’s name should be marked on everything they bring for easy identification.


(Helpful Hint: Download the Packing List and check off as you pack!)


  • 6 shirts/t-shirts (some long sleeves)
  • 1 heavy jacket or sweater
  • 8 changes of underwear
  • 8 to 10 pairs of socks
  • 1 swimsuit (camp appropriate for lots of activity…. sports type work best)
  • 1 or 2 pairs of old tennis shoes
  • 1 raincoat (we hope we don’t need it!)
  • 2 sweatshirts
  • 4 pairs of shorts
  • 3 pairs of blue jeans/pants
  • 1 warm pajamas
  • 1 visor or hat
  • 1 pair of water shoes (must have backs, no flip flops! Water shoes, crocs, or old tennis shoes work great)

Depending on the creek level: 1 pair of old jeans and t-shirt for mudslide (warning: these may be muddy forever and you will most likely not want them return home.)


  • Shampoo
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Soap and soap container
  • Insect repellent lotion (We will supplement your supply as needed)
  • Sunscreen (SPF 30 or above suggested) burn preventative lotion
  • Comb and/or brush
  • Deodorant
  • 2 bath towels
  • 1 or 2 beach towels
  • 1 wash cloth
  • Girls sanitary protection


  • Sleeping Bag (preferred)
  • Pillow with pillowcase
  • 2 single bed size sheets & 1 blanket (if you do not have a sleeping bag, you must have these)

Miscellaneous (but important) Items

  • Bible
  • 1 notebook or journal (we also have some for sale in our store)
  • 2 pens or pencils
  • Optional… paper, envelopes, and post cards already addressed to home, pens, and stamps
  • Camera (inexpensive, disposable camera is ideal)
  • Flashlight (and extra batteries)
  • Laundry bag (no plastic bags except for use with wet clothes; a pillowcase works)
  • Plastic bag for wet clothes
  • Money for store items $20-$30 (disregard if you pre-ordered)
  • Bring an address of a friend you would like to have at camp next year! Let your counselor know and they’ll give you a postcard so you can send them a note telling them about all the fun they are missing! We’ll mail it out while you are here!


  • Cell phones
  • Jewelry/watches
  • Electronics – iPods, games, hairdryers, etc.
  • Books or magazines that are not Christ-centered
  • Junk food
  • Personal sports equipment, including climbing/safety gear
  • Fireworks
  • Tobacco
  • E Cigarettes
  • Knives/weapons/lighters
  • Pets (even if they fit in your pocket)
  • Electronic games
  • iPod/music players/TV
  • Cell phone


*All personal gear is brought at your own risk. CYO is not responsible for lost or broken items. Please do not send any items that you will be upset about if they are damaged or lost. Finally, possession or use of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs will lead to police notification and immediate dismissal.


1:00pm: Registration begins
Campers and Families may arrive anytime between 1:00 and 2:00pm on Sunday. Please do not arrive early.

  • Check In
  • Review medical forms / medications with medical staff
  • Campers meet counselor and settle into cabins
  • Optional self-guided family tours of camp

2:00pm: Dismissal of campers and counselors to Opening Session & parent departure
Please Note: Campers will attend a Sunday Mass after parents depart. (The first meal served is dinner at 5pm. Don’t forget to eat lunch on the way in!)

CLOSING DAY – Saturday
Parents and families are invited to attend our closing Mass! Please plan to arrive no later than 12:45, or earlier to catch the camper testimonies! Parking is behind our main lodge.

  • 12:15 Camper Lunch ends
  • 12:30 Camper Testimonies
  • 1:00 Closing Mass
  • 2:00 Closing Ceremonies
  • 2:30 Dismissal

Sample Daily Schedule

(Adjustable based on weather & other opportunities for fun!)

7:00 – Rise and Shine!
7:30 – Breakfast and Conversation with “The Twelve” (Small Group)
8:15 – Morning Program and Prayer Lab
9:30 – High Adventure Activities/Field Games
12:30 – Lunch and “The Twelve” Games/Staff Monitored Leisure Time
3:00 – Daily Lake Activities/ High Adventure Activities/Field Games
6:00 – Dinner!
6:45 – Evening devotion with full camp
10:00 – “The Twelve” and Rosary
10:30 – Bedtime

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For directions to camp please click here: Google Maps


Directions To Our Camp

Mailing Address

12 State Street, 2nd Floor
Detroit, Michigan 48226