Girls & Boys Summer Camp Sessions

We cultivate your child’s Catholic character
so that they will be stronger spiritually,
socially, mentally, and physically.

Your child will be tested in ways they’ve never been tested before through six full days of high adventure and outdoor experiences intertwined with a deep dive into their Catholic faith. They’ll play with a purpose with friends and grow into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Activities & Schedule

Listed below are just some of the examples of the activities that campers will do through the Treks they attend. We carefully design the schedule for each cabin of campers to give them the best experience possible, given the age and gender of the campers in that cabin.
As campers return from year to year, they’ll get to experience different activities as their schedule grows with them to bigger and more exciting challenges.
  • Low Ropes Course and High Ropes Course
  • The Great Lake (kayaks, and paddle boards)
  • Mammoth (climbing walls)
  • Field Games (on the large lakeside fields)
  • GAGA Ball competition
  • CAP Time (Calm and Prayer in small groups)
  • Teams Challenge Course
  • Paintball “alley” target course
  • Sailing (within the confines of the Port Sanilac Marina)
  • Adventure Camp Canoe Trip

2020 Dates & Pricing

July 5-87-9 boysMini-Camp$350
July 5-117-16 boysTrek 1$450
July 12-187-16 co-edTrek 2$450
July 12-227-16 co-edAdventure$650
July 12-157-9 co-edMini-Camp$350
July 19-257-16 co-edTrek 3$450
July 19-2511-15 co-edSailing$550
July 19-258-15 co-edEquestrain$550
July 26 – August 17-16 girlsTrek 4$450
August 2- 57-9 girlsMini-Camp$350
August 2-87-16 girlsTrek 5$450

*For full descriptions of these programs click HERE

Call CYO to see availability for the preferred Trek(s) for your camper(s).
Scholarships are available, so please click HERE to learn more about how to apply.

What Overnight Campers Say!



To me, camp is of course a “home a way from home,” but also a lifestyle I strive for. The environment of the place changes every experience you have from Cabin Calls to Tag Time.


I love CYO because there is never a doubt that God is there. You grow, you learn and you have so much fun! During the summer there is no better place to spend one week of your life.

Camp Experience

CYO Summer Camp delivers impactful experiences in support of our mission to “Cultivate Catholic Character” in all we serve. And what are the pillars of our Catholic character?
  • Respect for all life
  • Faith in the family
  • Safeguarding the dignity of others
  • Being in service to all
  • Respect the work of all who toil
  • Celebrate Diversity
  • Care for God’s creation
The CYO Camp experience centers around four guideposts of the CYO culture: “Explore, Encounter, Engage, and Encourage.” Through these guideposts, we seek to know the answers to the following:
  • What does it mean to engage the heart?
  • Where do we go to explore the Catholic faith and the power of the Holy Spirit?
  • How do we engage and encourage others, awakening a fire-like passion within each, leaving them focused on pursuing an authentic encountering walk with Jesus Christ?
The staff is excellent and pour God's word into the kids in a "fun" way. Zip lining, rappelling, sailing, field games, are just some of the week-long activities. 5 stars
Camper Mom
I love CYO because there is never a doubt that God is there. You grow, you learn and you have so much fun! During the summer there is no better place to spend one week of your life.
Camper Mom
The counselors and staff are simply amazing. They are fun and full of energy and love and compassion. I could not recommend this camp more highly. It is truly magnificent.
Camper Mom
My son attended Sailing Camp this week and he absolutely LOVED the camp. [His counselors] were great leaders for my son. I would highly recommend this camp for any child.
Camper Mom

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